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(以iPhone 13 投屏小米电视为例,实际截图如上)

1.Download and install Rainbird Screen Casting App


Search Rainbird Screen Casting App in the app store


Install Rain Bird Screen Casting App

In addition to the application market download, you can also use the U disk to download the APK file, and then insert the U disk into the TV to download and install the Rain Bird cast screen.

Specific operation can be referred to

Apple phone:

Search and download Rainbird Screen Casting from AppStore

2.Apple phone cast screen Android TV

1) Open Rain Bird Screen Casting App

2) Network connection

First make sure the TV and the screened device are connected to the same WI-FI. (Wi-Fi in the 5G band is the best choice)

3) Connecting devices

There are two ways to start screen casting:

a.Scan the QR code

You can choose to scan the QR code entrance

Camera authorization is required to scan the QR code for the first time.

Once the QR code has been successfully scanned, you can start screen mirroring.

b.Select nearby equipment

Usually, it will automatically show all Smart TVs, TV boxes and PCs in the same LAN that have "Rainbird Screen Casting App" open.

Selecting a device will initiate a mirror cast.

Note: The device needs to launch the Rainbird Casting App and click the Refresh button to reload the device.

4) Start screen casting

If the connection is successful, please click [Start Screen Casting]. Click [Start Live], the countdown starts from 3 to 0, and the screen casting is successful.

The latest version can choose [Audible Casting].



Easily switch between horizontal and vertical screens!

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