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Rain Bird Recording



  • capture an image displayed on a computer screen
  • videotape
  • drawing tool
  • 4K

    high resolution



    Silky Image

    not have


    superior experience

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    Rain Bird Screen Recording: The Efficient Screen Recording Expert

    Easy to operate, stable and smooth, loved by Mac users. Do the most simple and easy to use screen recording software.


    Downloaded a lot of screen recording apps, but this is the only one that actually records 4k and doesn't crash! Kudos to the developers and hopefully it will continue.


    Works great hey! Pretty good niche screen recording software.
    Recorded seven or eight hours, no interruption, really stable ah. There are no miscellaneous advertisements, and the software is very clean. Previously, I have been using Rain Bird to cast the screen, I did not expect to record the screen is also good. It's free and easy to use. It's really worth it. I hope the Rain Bird team has more good software.

    @The grass loves to sing

    The software that saved my student's life
    Sometimes when I listen to a lecture in an online class, I really get lost in my thoughts! I've tried a lot of audio recording software, but it's not very stable, only this one can record my online class for 3 hours continuously, and the picture and sound quality is good. It's also very convenient to turn on the webcam to record pre. I'll support it.

    "Have you eaten rice noodle yet?

    The output picture quality is really good hey. Anyway, it's good enough. The operation is very simple.


    Recently to do the project is very need to record the screen of the software, tried several, either very unstable or charge too high, this is my last choice! Very refreshing and practical, full-featured, has been used continuously for half a month, to leave a message of support!