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[iOS] How to receive files from PC / Mac on Apple phone?

1. Network connection

First make sure the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the phone.(Wi-Fi in the 5G band is the best choice)

2.Install the Rain Bird Screen Casting App on your phone and Mac/PC

You can download the app from the App Store or the App Store

Apple Phone 1001 TVs Phone App on App Store

Apple Computer 1001 TVs Mac App on App Store

Microsoft Store 1001TVs: Screen Mirror & File Transfer - Microsoft Store Apps

Official Download Center [Rainbird Screen Casting Official Download] Get the latest version to download and install for your phone, computer, TV, etc. Get the multi-platform screen casting. (1001tvs.cn)

3. Launch the Mac/PC Rain Bird Screen Casting App and select the file transfer function

4. Launch the cell phone Rainbird Screen Casting App and select the file transfer function

5. Search for nearby devices

6. List all devices

  • If the last connected device is available, you can transfer files directly.
  • For paired devices, it is also possible to transfer files directly.
  • For new devices, click on it to pair.
  • For offline devices, make sure the network is working, but you can view the received files.

7. Can't find the target device? Try pairing by scanning the code

If you can't find the target device when transferring files, you can also use the scan code function to scan the QR code in the bottom right corner of the computer interface to quickly pair.

8. Pair the device with a Mac/PC

9. Send files from Mac/PC to phone

Select a paired device

10. Drag and drop files to the drag and drop area

11. Open the Receive tab on your cell phone's Rainbird Screen Casting App and your files will be displayed here